May 6-10 is National Safety Stand-Down Week, an effort to raise awareness of fall hazards and stop fall fatalities and injuries.  Data shows that fatalities caused by falls from elevation are a leading cause of death for construction employees, many of which could have been preventable if proper safety precautions were taken.

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety,  focus on “Fall Hazards” and reinforce the importance of “Fall Prevention.”  Even if your employees aren’t exposed to fall hazards, this is a good time to discuss other job hazards employees may face, protective methods, safety policies and goals, and encourage employees to talk about other job hazards they see.

Click to download the MSI Bulletin: Fall Stand-Down  for important information about upcoming safety classes, tips and links to text and video resources to help you plan a Safety Stand-Down.  

For more information about the OSHA Safety Stand-Down week visit their website: