We are happy to announce in-person training through the MSI Expos. When clicking on a class in the MSI LIVE schedule, if the class is in person, you will be directed to the MSI Learning Management System (LMS). Please log into the LMS, click on the Calendar option on the Home screen to find your course and enroll. Note that in-person classes are shown in green, virtual classes are shown in black. The location of in-person classes is included within the description of each course.

What is MSI LIVE?

MSI LIVE features real-time, instructor-led, in-person and virtual classes. Experienced instructors provide an interactive experience for the learner on a broad spectrum of safety and risk control topics. These courses are only available to MEL affiliated JIF’s and their member public entities.

Click here for an MSI LIVE tutorial video for tips and best practices to enhance the learning experience.

How do I know what courses are available?

The MSI LIVE Catalog provides a description of the course, the intended audience, and available continuing education credits. The schedule for upcoming classes is listed below.

How do I register?

You can view the schedule and register by clicking on the date and topic of your choice in the schedule below.

What are the requirements to receive CEU credits/certification of completion?

To maintain the integrity of MSI classes and our ability to offer CEUs, we must abide by the rules of the State agency that issued the designation. Chief among those rules is the attendee of the class must attend the whole session. Attendees who enter the class more than 5 minutes late or leave early will not be awarded CEUs for the class or receive a certificate of completion.

About Zoom Training:

• A Zoom account is not needed to attend a class. Attendees can login and view the presentations from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
• Registration is required. Once registered you will receive the link for your class, be sure to save the link on your calendar to access the day of training.
• Students must be present in the class within 5 minutes of the start time for their attendance to be recorded in their learning histories.
• Please click here for informative Zoom operation details.

Group Attendance
When attending MSI LIVE classes in a group setting, please assign someone to submit the completed group sign-in sheet within 24 hours of the attended class to afelip@jamontgomery.com so updated learning histories and Certificates of Participation can be made available in a timely manner.

Contact Andrea Felip at 856-552-4740 if you have any questions.

Group Sign-In Sheet

MSI LIVE Schedule