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The MEL produced the videos in the Employee Practices section and owns the copyrights. Permission is hereby granted to any governmental entity to use this material for non-commercial purposes, provided that proper attribution is given to the MEL. All other rights are reserved.

Videos and other materials on this website are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for formal compliance training. All safety training should be administered by a qualified individual. Written materials are also for informational purposes and will require modification by the user prior to use as a compliance document.

For additional Videos please view the MSI DVD page of this website. 

MSI Video Briefings

These videos are a quick and effective way to add important information and best practices to your regular safety briefings. Videos are available on a number of topics and more are being added. Check back soon.

MSI Toolkit

The MEL Safety Institute (MSI) has created the MSI Toolkit for your easy reference.

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