CDL & Non-CDL Model Policies

The MEL Safety Institute has developed the following Model Policy Templates for our members.  


These are “Model Policy Templates” – NOT – final policies. Each member must review the templates, discuss the options with your municipal attorney, and finalize the policies that are best suited to your needs. These sample policies and procedures are not intended to be all-encompassing and are believed to conform to current law and practice at the time of preparation.  However, municipalities and authorities are cautioned to seek legal advice from a qualified employment attorney before adopting any employment policies and procedures.

CDL AND NON-CDL MODEL POLICIES Message From the Safety Director The MEL Safety Institute is pleased to be able to provide our members with these newly updated CDL and Non-CDL model policies. These models have been developed by experts in the field, but it is important to note the following before adapting to meet your municipalities needs:

  • All non-italicized print in the Final NJDOT CDL policy is mandatory under federal law. Provisions that are italicized are optional.
  • The entire NON-CDL policy is optional. If you decide to adopt a policy of this type, there are many options available to you including the establishment of a “zero tolerance” policy with respect to marijuana (medical or recreational). Please make sure you discuss the options with your municipal attorney and your governing body prior to the adoption of any policy.
  • One of the essential elements of the policies is the requirement to name a Designated Employer Representative (DER) and a backup. There are several member Joint Insurance Funds throughout the State that have scheduled training classes for this program. Please check with your JIF to verify the available dates. It is critical that you send at least the person you intend to designate and another employee that would be available as a backup in case the DER is not available.

If you have any questions about these model policies, please contact your local JIF Safety Director. Click to download a copy of the following new model policy documents:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Read Disclaimer Before Using the Form

The “Consent to Check Motor Vehicle Records” form was prepared to assist our clients as part of their overall safety program.  To the best of our knowledge and belief, the form complies with current law and practice at the time of preparation.  However, we recommend that all entities and authorities contact their attorney or labor counsel, and have them review the form before issuing the form to any employees to make sure there is no conflict with any local ordinance or collective bargaining agreement.

Consent to Check Motor Vehicles Record Form